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We are changing an entire industry.  And we need your help.
     To change an entire industry requires revolutionary people, processes and product... We have the processes. The product is helping people find an apartment or town-home.  Now we simply need people who know how to follow a proven process. We have two positions available:

You can also Sell Homes or do Commercial Real Estate with us.  Our principle focus is Apartment leasing... what is commonly referred to as Locating.  We have 100's of leads coming into our offices every day.  We are looking for a few Licensed Real Estate agents in the state of Texas who are money motivated.  Our top agents make over $15,000 a month.  But we have plenty of agents who just want to drink coffee, sit in their home in their pajamas and make a little money!  That's fine too!  We provide thorough training.  Training begins in your home with videos and tutorials and then you come into the local office to learn the nuts and bolts for a few days.  After that it's up to you how hard you want to work but we're always motivating and always training!!

Our Goals:

1. Become State Wide Market Leader

2. Dominate Awareness of Apartments
3. Get to 3% of the market
4. 10x Our Business Over the Next 2 years
5. Constantly Improve Everything
6. Give the Best Service Anywhere

7. Give the most incredible rewards package ever

8. Support 1000 Poor & Orphaned children

What you need to be good at:

1. Last 4 months while you get your business up and running

2. Laptop, external mouse and second monitor
3. Money Motivated
4. Desire to be free more than a desire to be secure
5. Willing to never give up
6. Quick on a keyboard

7. Great on the phone

8. Good Work Ethic